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Peg Game Heart Shape

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~~ SPECS ~~

the game is laser cut from 1/4" maple plywood wood and extends about 5-6 inches, depending on the design.


1 custom peg board

15 wood golf tees (1-3 colors divided evenly)



First begin by placing 14 pegs in the holes on the game and leave 1 hole open. Where the open hole is at is your choice! The object is to remove as many pegs as possible by taking 1 peg and jumping directly over another peg that has a open hole beside it. Once a peg has been jumped you can then remove the jumped peg from the game. You can only jump over 1 peg. Having a couple pegs remaining on the board is common, leaving 1 peg is challenging. You can take turns playing with multiple people and whoever has the least amount of pegs left on the game is the winner.