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Table for Giant Tower Games

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~~ SPECS ~~

the all wood table measures about 14.5 inches tall with a table top surface that is a 10.5 inches wide. the table is sturdy enough for our giant tower and perfect for bringing the towers at a higher, playable height. easy assembly of the legs is required.

~~ COLOR ~~

we can color or stain the table to coordinate with your giant tower. colors are not limited to our color options. if you need a custom color please send us an image so we can match it. colors can vary slightly from our color palette and photographs.


we can engrave the tabletop with your personalization like shown in the photos or with any other design or custom logo you have in mind. engraving is done with a high powered laser beam. there is no way to make engravings colored. 


** If you choose a color or font style upon checking out but are choose/pay for a "Plain" table, you will receive a plain table with no color or engraving.  You must select/pay for the correct type of table to match the customizations you request.