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Giant Tower Colored & Engraved Game

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~~ SPECS ~~

The solid wood tower stands 2.25' tall and weighs about 55lbs. All 54 blocks measure 10.5" x 3.5" x 1.5" 

~~ COLOR ~~

All of the blocks edges are painted in your choice of colors. We do not paint the large flat sides of the blocks to ensure they will slide smoothly and the game is playable. If you are interested in a custom color please attach an image so we can match it. A new batch of color is prepared for each tower so colors can vary from the photos.


Both long, skinny edges of every block are engraved with your personalization by using a high powered laser beam to etch the design into the wood. There is no way to make your personalization color. The engraving is done after the blocks are painted so your personalization will contrast against the color. The density and wood grain of each block determines the appearance of the engraving.  Not every engraving looks the same! If you have a custom logo or design please email the file to and reference it in your notes upon checking out.