Tower Table

---------- PRODUCTION ----------
Our custom made tower table is made completely out of wood and is sturdy enough to hold all of our towers. Our table brings your game play experience off the ground adding about 15 inches to the height of a tower. Easy assembly of the legs is required.

---------- COLOR ----------
Our tower tables can be colored or stained to coordinate with our towers. Any color is possible and colors are not limited to our color palettes shown. If you are interested in a custom color please send us an image so we can match the color the best we can.  A new batch of color is prepared for each order so colors can vary from our color palettes and photographs.

---------- ENGRAVING ----------
The tower tabletop can also be engraved. If and engraved table is selected upon checking out and the engraving is not specified, the table will be engraved with "The Pearson Shop" as shown in the photos. 

---------- ORDER ----------
Upon ordering, please specify what type of table you would like from the drop down menu and specify what you would like engraved on the tabletop, if engraving is requested. Engraving and/or color staining will not begin until the color and engravings are specified. If our tower table is purchased along with a giant tower or JR tower we will ship both items together.

Tower Table