Mini Tower - Engraved

---------- PRODUCTION ----------
Our Mini tower consists of 54 blocks measuring 5.5" x 1 13/16" x 1" each. Our Mini Tower is the smallest tower in our shop, however, it is still larger than the original Jenga game. Every block is sanded smooth and left unfinished for ease of game play and although it's tiny our Mini Tower is still a great wedding guest book alternative. At the start of game play the tower stands 1.5 feet tall. One Mini Tower set can weigh approximately 8-10 pounds. 

---------- ENGRAVING ----------
We engrave both sides of ALL blocks, unless other custom requests are made. However, the short ends of the blocks are not able to be engraved. We use an engraving process that literally cuts into the wood making your personalization last a lifetime. Please keep in mind, the space available for engraving is a max of 5.5" x 1". Please contact us if you have concerns about what you would like engraved on the blocks. 

---------- BLOCK COUNT ----------
If interested in adding more blocks so each guest will have a block to sign, we can make accommodations (Example: 100 blocks, 120 blocks, 200 blocks, etc.). Please contact us for more information and a quote for adding more blocks.

---------- CUSTOM LOGOS, MONOGRAMS & IMAGES ----------
Do you have your own font, monogram, logo or image you would like engraved on the blocks?? Please contact us for more information on adding your own image to the blocks.

---------- ORDER ----------
Upon ordering, please specify what you would like engraved on both edges of the blocks.  Double check your spelling!  Then select which font style you would like for the engraving from the drop down menu (font styles shown in last photo). Engraving will not begin until the font style and engraving is specified.

Mini Tower - Engraved