Giant Dominos Set

---------- PRODUCTION ----------
Our Giant Dominoes set includes 28 tiles which are laser cut from 1/4" plywood to be 5"x7" each. All dots are applied with high quality vinyl. Our dominoes set is light weight and easy to transport wherever you choose to play it! Carrying bags are available as well, please message if interested.

---------- COLOR ----------

All dominos dots are applied with high quality vinyl. Colors are not limited to our list of colors. If you are interested in a custom color please message us to see if it's available and if there's an additional cost.  Lines dividing the dots on each domino are engraved lines and can not be colored.

---------- ORDER ----------
Upon ordering, please specify the dot color from the drop down menu. If a custom color is requested be sure to message us prior to placing the order and specify your custom color choice in the text field. 

Giant Dominos Set